Richie Sambora live in Melbourne 2014 concert review

When Richie Sambora announced a last minute charity gig at the Espy I was so excited because a mere forty minutes of him at Soundwave wouldn’t be enough. The set consisted mostly of Bon Jovi songs and tracks off his latest album Aftermath of the Lowdown. Thankfully his new record is pretty damn good. HeContinue reading “Richie Sambora live in Melbourne 2014 concert review”

Soundwave Festival 2014 in Melbourne review

No-one expected this year’s Soundwave to surpass 2013’s monstrous line-up. There was something for almost any rock fan on that bill. This year’s was still pretty good, with great bands big and small. You might have read about it, if last year’s festival was the Year of the Drummer Bail-Outs then 2014 was the YearContinue reading “Soundwave Festival 2014 in Melbourne review”

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 2014 Melbourne concert

In contrast to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s extremely long show, I’ve decided to try to make this post a short one (looks like I failed). So for four hours he played, and my friend and I were standing for about seven. At 64 years of age he can play for four hours? HeContinue reading “Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 2014 Melbourne concert”

Baby Animals “Feed the Birds” Live concert film review

So last Friday on Valentine’s Day and Suze’s DeMarchi 50th birthday, her band the Baby Animals came to celebrate their first live DVD with a public screening at Cinema Nova. The DVD was filmed on the recent tour of the same name last year in Sydney. The setlist seems to be identical to the MelbourneContinue reading “Baby Animals “Feed the Birds” Live concert film review”

My Favourite Songs of 2013

These are my top three favourite songs, with sixteen honourable mentions. The reason it’s a Top 3 is because those three songs were my clear favourites. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you probably have a general idea of what music I like and what to expect on this list. Remember that this is supposedContinue reading “My Favourite Songs of 2013”

Bon Jovi “Because We Can” Tour live in Melbourne review – 8/12/13

I saw Bon Jovi three years ago at the same venue with the standing areas set up almost in the same way. The difference is that this time our beloved guitarist Richie Sambora wasn’t present, and the band was supporting an album I didn’t like very much. Supporting the band was Kid Rock, an artistContinue reading “Bon Jovi “Because We Can” Tour live in Melbourne review – 8/12/13″

Tenacious D 2013 ‘Old School Acoustic Style’ tour live in Melbourne

The D is back! Tossing aside the backing band for the “Old School Acoustic Style” tour, the set for the night consisted of Jack Black, Kyle Gass, their two acoustic guitars, a roadie, a sasquatch and a couple of other cameos. It was Tenacious D stripped down to the bone, which may have been aContinue reading “Tenacious D 2013 ‘Old School Acoustic Style’ tour live in Melbourne”

Black Sabbath 2013 Melbourne concert review

“Let’s see those fucking hands!” “Everybody jump!” “Is everyone having a fucking good time?” “I can’t fucking hear you!” Ozzy Osbourne loves to please a crowd. After nearly four decades of waiting, Black Sabbath finally returned six feet down under to Australia with three out of the four original members. Firstly I’d like to congratulateContinue reading “Black Sabbath 2013 Melbourne concert review”

Kiss and Motley Crue 2013 concert review

A night of rock and roll is a great night out in my book. That’s exactly what Motley Crue and Kiss brought to the table at their show, along with guests Thin Lizzy and Diva Demolition. There were a few things that annoyed me. There were three different barricaded standing areas. It was one ofContinue reading “Kiss and Motley Crue 2013 concert review”

Soundwave Festival 2013 in Melbourne review

It was clearly going to be the greatest Soundwave ever. Surely the 2013 lineup will not be outdone by the festival in the next few years. The first two headliners on the lineup were two of my favourite bands ever. As for the rest, seriously just have a look at that lineup. Blink-182, Paramore, Slayer,Continue reading “Soundwave Festival 2013 in Melbourne review”