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Richie Sambora live in Melbourne 2014 concert review


When Richie Sambora announced a last minute charity gig at the Espy I was so excited because a mere forty minutes of him at Soundwave wouldn’t be enough.

The set consisted mostly of Bon Jovi songs and tracks off his latest album Aftermath of the Lowdown. Thankfully his new record is pretty damn good. He also played the title track of his first solo record, Stranger in this Town, and a handful of covers, one of which being the INXS classic ‘Don’t Change’. Playing with Sambora was Orianthi, and she sang lead on a couple of songs, including one of her own.

Opening with the raw and nasty ‘Burn That Candle Down’ almost brought the house down with its earth shattering opening chords and we got some guitar shredding and solos. It was so great. Next was the single from Aftermath, ‘Every Road Leads Home to You’. His vocal delivery was powerful and the song benefited from the small enclosed space of the Espy. One of my favourite moments was the performance of new song ‘Seven Years Gone’, which is my favourite song of 2012. It was very emotional yet had a rock edge that’s missing from latter day Bon Jovi stuff.

Richie singing ‘I’ll Be There For You’ at Bon Jovi shows may actually be the highlight, and I think that holds true here too. Richie fans didn’t forget where he came from, singing almost every word.

After the almost punk rock ‘Nowadays’, it was Orianthi’s time to shine with ‘You Don’t Wanna Know’ from her latest album Heaven in this Hell. Her voice is amazing, just like her guitar playing. She also took lead vocals on the Jimi Hendrix classic ‘Voodoo Child’. The first verse of ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ was sung by her whilst Richie was playing on the talkbox. ‘Lay Your Hands On Me’ and ‘These Days’ were also crowd favourites. It turns out Richie performed a second encore and I didn’t even know about it! He performed ‘Purple Rain’ by Prince. Darn, I bet that would have been amazing.

All the Bon Jovi songs sung by Richie sounded amazing. Jon Bon Jovi takes up so much of the spotlight, but Mr Bluesman’s got a great voice too. However, he was doing a bit of a Vince Neil occasionally when he would skip words. Maybe it’s an aging thing? It’s certainly noticeable, and I wasn’t just talking about when he was focusing so much on his guitar. Of course, guitar is what he does and there were plenty of jams for the guitar lovers out there.

If you are truly a Bon Jovi fan you should be a Richie fan too, and he delivered! I give his show 4/5!

I saw Richie’s set at Soundwave too, and I actually enjoyed it more because the sound was better and I was much closer to the stage. Nothing new in the setlist, but I’m glad I saw him again!


YOU DON’T WANNA KNOW (from @Orianthi’s album “Heaven In This Hell)


Encore 2:


Soundwave Festival 2014 in Melbourne review


No-one expected this year’s Soundwave to surpass 2013’s monstrous line-up. There was something for almost any rock fan on that bill. This year’s was still pretty good, with great bands big and small.

You might have read about it, if last year’s festival was the Year of the Drummer Bail-Outs then 2014 was the Year of the Band Bail-Outs. Stone Temple Pilots, Megadeth, Whitechapel, Sevendust, Newsted, Desaparecidos, Volbeat and Hardcore Superstar are the eight other bands to cancel on the tour. Yikes.

First band I saw was Alter Bridge. I saw them at the 2012 Soundwave and to be honest they lost me then. I thought they were boring live. However, I guess two years is a long time and they performed much better this time, or perhaps last time they were just having a bad day. Either way, they won me back.

Next was Richie Sambora, who I had seen the day prior at the Espy, so you can read this post about both that show and the Soundwave performance here.

Now, The Living End…wow. They are The Living Legends. Seriously. Their one-hour set was the most powerful and concise of all the bands I saw. No messing around, just short and sweet rock anthems. ‘Prisoner of Society’ had the crowd shake the ground with the jumping. Obviously the crowd loved them, and with the band being from Melbourne, they loved us too. I certainly love the band much more after this.

After The Living End wrapped up I ran over to Stage 6 where Deez Nuts were finishing up with ‘Band of Brothers’, a single off their latest album. I wish I got to see the whole set because I saw the mosh go absolutely nuts (no pun intended).

At this point there was no band I was interested in until 5, but since my friends were watching Panic at the Disco and the food was nearby I casually watched them while eating a freaking $10.90 burger. Even though I didn’t really dig them they put on a good show.

While waiting for Alice in Chains to start I entered A Day to Remember’s crowd. Before I walked in, vocalist Jeremy McKinnon was singing inside a large clear ball that was being thrown through the crowd. Whoa, I’ve never seen anything like it. I didn’t know any Day to Remember songs, but McKinnon repeatedly thanked those who gave them a chance.

I was probably one of the few not watching Alice in Chains for ‘90s nostalgia. I knew a couple of their old songs, but I had come to see tunes performed from their excellent new album, such as the sludge metal ‘Hollow’, one of my favourite performances of the day.

I took another break after they concluded and then got to Stage 1 early to get a good spot for Green Day. For nearly three hours Green Day performed clearly at the top of their game. Billie Armstrong is an incredible frontman who knows how to entertain the masses. He was in fine form too, singing every word, except for when he wanted the crowd to sing. They love to get the fans on stage too, they got one dude singing and a girl to play a guitar part on stage (and she got to keep the guitar!).

Between anthems and sing alongs we had cover medleys and various shenanigans. I don’t even know what was going on when the drummer dressed like a granny and Billie dedicated love songs to a bunny costume but it amusing nonetheless!

While there were a handful of songs I didn’t know, I still had a great time. Only flaw was an anti-climatic ending with ‘Good Riddance (Time of your Life)’. Don’t get me wrong, a fantastic song and perhaps a perfect ending, but doesn’t feel right when it’s just Billie alone without the rest of the band.

Green Day deserves every last inch of their fame and it’s clear that they don’t take their fans for granted as the show delivered. I give the band’s set 4.5/5.

Fingers crossed that Disturbed headline Soundwave next year!

Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band 2014 Melbourne concert


In contrast to Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band’s extremely long show, I’ve decided to try to make this post a short one (looks like I failed). So for four hours he played, and my friend and I were standing for about seven. At 64 years of age he can play for four hours? He really is The Boss. Please keep in mind I’m a casual (or new) Bruce Springsteen fan.

We got there just in time to see Dan Sultan, and he was alright. I hadn’t heard of any of his music but his performance was pretty damn solid. He’s got a good voice and the songs rocked. He calls his music country soul rock ‘n’ roll. Works for me.

Aussie legends The Hunters and Collectors were next, and the only songs I knew personally were ‘Holy Grail’ and of course ‘Throw Your Arms Around Me’. The older crowd around me were very excited to see this old band. I was impressed by what I heard because the songs had plenty of character.

Bruce was frustratingly forty-five minutes late to start. He began with the big one, ‘Born in the USA’. Then played many songs after that. Many.

I think if you’re going to be forty-five minutes late and then play for four hours you shouldn’t tell the audience five minute long stories (on two occasions I believe it was).

Jon Bon Jovi’s latter material, a man who I’m a big fan of, is often compared to Bruce Springsteen’s. The more I listen to Bruce, the more I can see that. Difference is that Bruce’s new stuff is pretty good and he’s always been the working class man. Bon Jovi’s new album is about as exciting as a brick wall. Springsteen’s new songs ‘Wrecking Ball’ and ‘Death to my Hometown’ stay true to his origins and sound great too. One of the highlights was ‘High Hopes’ from his most recent album. Crazy solos and jams, it was so cool!

A Bruce Springsteen show is for hardcore fans. AC/DC play the same relatively casual set every night, while The Boss played the most unpredictable concert I’d ever seen. He played songs from sign requests, and while Melbourne fans the previous night heard the Born in the USA album is full, fans on this night heard Born to Run in full. That’s fan dedication. I would actually recommend hardcore fans to attend multiple shows if possible, because those who attended the Aussie shows last year, or even other shows on this Aussie run, get a new surprise every night. That’s commendable. Playing the Born to Run album in full also meant I got to hear my favourite Bruce song – ‘Jungleland’. That epic track is the definition of Boss.

Most bands leave for a few minutes while the fans cheer for their return to perform an encore. Apparently there was an encore, but I didn’t really notice as Bruce barely left the stage. I couldn’t believe he had performed this long without any breaks. After ‘Dancing in the Dark’, he played a cover of ‘Twist and Shout’, and that’s when my friend and I decided we had enough. Not with Bruce, but with standing for so long. Supposedly there was a twenty minute jam and then he performed another song in a second encore. Wow. Four hours.

Bruce Springsteen is no doubt a terrific performer, especially at his age. However, I would only recommend attending his concert if you are a hardcore fan. He played the hits, but also played quite a few album tracks. This is also the only concert where I would actually consider sitting in the seats, or at least recommend taking breaks if you’re standing. I think Bruce should not rock up forty-five minutes late and not tell five minute stories if he’s going to play for four hours. It’s the longest concert I’ve ever been to. I know that for the hardcore fans, four hours is still not enough, so I wish I had been a Bruce fan a long time ago.

I give his show a 3.5/5, but it easily deserves a 5/5 if you’re a hardcore fan. His biggest fans will certainly get value for money.

Here’s the setlist:

Baby Animals “Feed the Birds” Live concert film review


So last Friday on Valentine’s Day and Suze’s DeMarchi 50th birthday, her band the Baby Animals came to celebrate their first live DVD with a public screening at Cinema Nova. The DVD was filmed on the recent tour of the same name last year in Sydney. The setlist seems to be identical to the Melbourne show I saw about a week prior to the filming of this DVD, so I’m not going to repeat what was written in my review of that show here. I’ll just talk about the film itself.

I’m not sure what’s on the extras of the DVD, but the film itself is nothing more than the show. Members in the audience (the cinema not the film!) would clap after every song. We don’t even see the band leave and then come out for the encore, the encore set just happens. It’s surprising how well Suze’s voice holds up. Even the songs from nearly 25 years ago she sings them just the way they sounded on the record.

The film also made me appreciate Dave Leslie’s guitar playing more because the cameras zoomed in on his fingers as he was performing solos and the cinemagoers applauded that as well.

Fans also get to see the ‘Feed the Birds’ phenomenon and watch it as many times as they like if they’re into that sort of stuff…

The setlist was chosen by fans, so this DVD is a gift for lovers of the band. It isn’t a very long show so casual fans may get a kick out of it too!

Rating: 4/5. 

You can buy the DVD here if you like:

My Favourite Songs of 2013

These are my top three favourite songs, with sixteen honourable mentions. The reason it’s a Top 3 is because those three songs were my clear favourites. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you probably have a general idea of what music I like and what to expect on this list. Remember that this is supposed to be my favourites not the best of 2013. I’ll also provide links to the reviews of any album I wrote about.

Here are the honourable mentions in no particular order.

Stone Temple Pilots – ‘Out of Time’ from High Rise

The first single showing off the new singer of Stone Temple Pilots is an absolute scorcher. That singer, of course, is Chester Bennington from Linkin Park and Dead by Sunrise, two of my favourite bands. The guitar work sounds killer and Chester’s vocals fit in naturally. If you don’t like Linkin Park I do suggest giving this a listen as Chester’s a very versatile rock singer and his new role makes great use of his talents. STP purists should stay clear, as those Scott Weiland goggles won’t budge.

Steel Panther ‘Party Like Tomorrow’s The End of the World’ from All You Can Eat (future release)

It’s a Steel Panther song, so it had to be on this list. It’s textbook Panther – sex, drugs and rock and roll. All of the above can be seen in the best music video of the year!

Bernard Fanning ‘Departures (Blue Toowong Skies)’ from Departures

This is a nice song. Nice piano, nice guitar nice vocals, nice meaning. I saw this live too and it was very poignant.

Alice in Chains – ‘Hollow’ from The Devil Brought Dinosaurs Here

Never really liked Alice in Chains or grunge in general all that much, but I really got into this song, as well as the rest of the album. Sludging metal riffs kick things off and we are treated to awesome harmonised vocals in the chorus, then a cool bridge and a rocking solo. Bands can often never recover from the departure or death of their lead singer, but Alice in Chains are doing well for themselves.

Queens of the Stone Age – ‘If I Had a Tail’ from …Like Clockwork

Queens of the Stone Age are out doing the good work spreading great rock music. You were probably expecting ‘My God Is The Sun’ or ‘I Appear’, but ‘If I Had a Tail’ is my favourite. Like most of QOTSA’s stuff, I find it hard to explain why I like it, because it’s just all-around awesome. Have a listen.

Daft Punk – ‘Touch’ from Random Access Memories

Yep, the only non-rock song on this list, but I’m more than happy to place it alongside the others. This song is pure brilliance, especially the second half. The best way to describe it is a beautiful love story from outer space. Random Access Memories is a very awe-inspiring album and ‘Touch’ is its centrepiece.

Deez Nuts – ‘Streets are Watching’ from ‘Bout It

Deez Nuts is essentially hardcore punk mixed with hip-hop (rapcore), and it’s freaking awesome. I love the aggression in ‘Streets Are Watching’, with the fast paced rapping over loud head aching distorted guitar. All their songs also have a hip-hop cultural vibe to them, despite the thud of the punk. This song and the album is a lot of fan and I highly recommend everyone checking them out.

Black Sabbath – ‘The End of the Beginning’ from 13

13 did exactly what a comeback album should: it sounded like a Black Sabbath album and the songs were good Black Sabbath songs. Van Halen also pulled this off two years ago with A Different Kind of Truth. It was really hard for me to choose ‘The End of the Beginning’ over ‘God Is Dead?’ and ‘Loner’, because all three songs are really good yet are extremely different in style and structure. How did I make my decision? I have no idea; it may have been different if I wrote this last week. All three songs to me represent the music of Sabbath perfectly. ‘The End of the Beginning’ starts with the most doom metal of all doom metal riffs, and then changes to one of the coolest riffs of the year and then ends with a lengthy Tomy Iommi solo. The end is nigh.

Megadeth – ‘Kingmaker’ from Super Collider

Pretty lame album, but this song is really, really good. If the whole album sounded like this I would have no complaints. It sounds like classic Megadeth, it’s fast, it’s heavy and has excellent guitar leads. Don’t bother with Super Collider, but do check out ‘Kingmaker’.

Bon Jovi – ‘What About Now’ from What About Now

Another lame album, but I do this song. It’s one of the few on the record I’m not embarrassed about having on my iPod. It has Jon’s uplifting lyrics without being too cheesy, and the chorus is pretty good. I will say that if you’re not a fan of the band, this certainly won’t change your mind.

Deep Purple – ‘Weirdestan’ from Now What?!

The new Deep Purple album is pretty damn solid and its style easily fits in with their older material. ‘Weirdestan’ is as strange as the title implies. The keyboard playing is the star of the show – dat organ riff & dat organ solo.

Andrew Stockdale – ‘Let Somebody Love You’ from Keep Moving

Andrew Stockdale of Wolfmother is one of few writing rock songs centred on simple riffs. There’s a ton of great riffs on this album, but this song contains the catchiest and it repeats almost through the entire song and doesn’t get boring. I couldn’t find the original version on YouTube, but the acoustic version is still quite good!

Airbourne – ‘Live It Up’ from Black Dog Barking

Yes, I know these guys might as well perform under the name ‘AC/DC’ as the similarities are so obvious, but at least they write great AC/DC rip-offs! With Acca Dacca on borderline retirement, what’s wrong with a younger band receiving the torch? Live It Up is loud, catchy, simple, has an awesome guitar solo and it makes you feel powerful – what more could you want?!

Karnivool – ‘We Are’ from Asymmetry

Atmospheric and epic, just like many of the ‘Vool’s greats.  I love how it sounds both unsettling and calming. It’s great to just sit back and hear the tune progress. Killer live band by the way!

Deap Vally – ‘Walk of Shame’ from Sistrionix

I caught this song on video when the Deap Vally gals came to Australia. The music video kind of sucks, but the tune is bloody awesome, especially when performed live. I love the rawness of it, and the lyrics are pretty funny. It’s great to have female representation in rock and roll. Check Deap Vally out, they’re not just hype, they’re rock goddesses.

Dream Theater – ‘Along For the Ride’ from Dream Theater

This was another one I had trouble picking from the other highlights of the album, so I made my decision from iTunes number of plays. It starts off with a soft rock verse and chorus, and then we step it up a notch to progressive rock. Lucky us, we get two solos – on guitar and then the keys. The lyrics about our inability to really do anything about what occurs on this planet are quite moving.

And now, for my Top 3!

Baby Animals – ‘Under Your Skin’ from This Is Not The End

I already loved the single ‘Email’, but the song ‘Under Your Skin’ was the moment I actually gave a crap about the band. I interviewed guitarist Dave Leslie, which you can read here, but one thing that’s not included in that feature is his insight into this song, which is actually the opener for the ‘Feed the Birds’ tour. He described the entire song as a guitar solo, with the “water” guitar opening it to the “Hey hey hey oh” vocals by Suze Demarchi that launches the song into gear. I loved this, it’s my third favourite song released this year.

Paramore – ‘Ain’t It Fun’ from Paramore

There are many great songs on Paramore’s latest album, but this is something special. One word describes this song: catchy. Hayley William’s scat vocals are catchy, the guitar parts are catchy, the gospel choir beginning at the song’s bridge is catchy. The entire running time is catchy. This was easily my number two favourite song of the year. Dave Leslie who I just mentioned told me he couldn’t stop listening to this song when I asked about any new stuff he likes, so there’s a professional opinion for you!

The Dead Daisies – ‘Lock N Load’ from The Dead Daisies

This is typical me, my favourite song of 2013 is an old school rock and roll track. The one and only Slash co-wrote this song with The Dead Daisies and his recognisable guitar playing here is better than any track recorded on his solo album that came out last year. The main riff is amazing, the solos are beautiful and Jon Steven’s singing is outstanding. I never listened to Steven’s former band Noiseworks growing up, but I liken him to Axl Rose’s singing style with the charisma of the late Michael Hutchence. My number of iTunes plays of this song is more than enough to convince me it’s an awesome tune. Congratulations guys, I hope you somehow break the mold of this modern pop music wasteland.

I didn’t get round to listening to every new release I wanted to hear, but part of that is because I spent the last few months listening to Midnight Oil over and over again (my new favourite old band). Seriously, you’ve got to listen to Midnight Oil.

I only did a review of music in 2013 because I only reviewed about three 2013 video games. My year in gaming was spent playing older titles. As for my film knowledge… well it leaves a lot to be desired.

What were your favourite songs or albums released this year? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all very much for reading my blogs this year. I look forward to more writing in 2014; hopefully my future posts will be shorter and more concise! Have a good new year!

Bon Jovi “Because We Can” Tour live in Melbourne review – 8/12/13


I saw Bon Jovi three years ago at the same venue with the standing areas set up almost in the same way. The difference is that this time our beloved guitarist Richie Sambora wasn’t present, and the band was supporting an album I didn’t like very much.

Supporting the band was Kid Rock, an artist that I’m not very familiar with, but what I did know is that his music spans a variety of genres, including rock, rap and country; and he even performed a DJ solo. I was impressed with what I heard, and I’m keen to check out more of his stuff, because most of his set sounded like good ol’ rock n roll.

Bon Jovi surely played Melbourne one of the longest gigs it’s ever seen with 26 songs and that included the occasional medley and extended jam. There was something for every fan, old and new, from their breakout Slippery When Wet record to this year’s lame What About Now. The title track from the new album was the only one off that record that I liked. My least favourite part of the night was ‘Because We Can’, which is the name of the tour. It’s the lamest single the band has ever written. I thought it was the “Lost Highway” tour at one point, because they played five songs off that record, which is fine by me because that was the last great Bon Jovi album, but there were tons of hits that they missed.

Jon Bon Jovi struggled to hold an extended note at times, most evident with ‘You Want To Make A Memory’ and the poor man’s ‘Hallelujah’, ‘Amen’, but he is a 51 year old man. Something that clearly isn’t gone is his passion and charisma and he knew how to work a crowd.

One of the nicest surprises was the stripped down version of ‘Someday I’ll be Saturday Night’. Drummer Tico Torres and keyboardist David Bryan got to step out off their usual instruments and hit some tambourines and play with an accordion. This continued into ‘Diamond Ring’, one of my favourites from These Days.

‘Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars’ is…well I have no idea what that song is about. It’s a strange inclusion into the set, and at this point in the set I was thinking that the show was ‘good but not great’.

It was late in the set when things really started to pick up. ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead’ and ‘Bad Medicine’ have a ‘70s-‘80s jukebox feel to them, and the middle of these songs were interrupted to incorporate snippets of cover songs, such as ‘Start Me Up’, ‘Shout’, and a personal highlight, ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’. It was great, because rock n roll is great.

The band came back from the encore and then it hit me: they were about to play ‘Dry County’. That was the song I wanted to hear, and Sambora’s replacement Phil X did a great job of that sacred solo. After that nine minute epic wrapped up I was I’m not sure if the crowd was politely listening or were indifferent to this special song, but if it was the latter than I’m officially mad at them

I could go home happy after hearing ‘Dry County’, but there was more good stuff to come! There was the Bon Jovi national anthem ‘Wanted Dead or Alive’, where the crowd sang the entire first verse. Next was ‘Have A Nice Day’, a fan favourite, and the underrated ‘I Love This Town’. A pleasant surprise was ‘These Days’, and what was not a surprise, but was very exciting nonetheless was, of course, ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’. Having the entire crowd sing that song to the top of their voices was one of the greatest live moments I’ve seen from any band, and there’s no better song to end with.

A few songs could have been swapped out for something better, but there was plenty to like here, especially later in the set. Fans got their value for money as the show went for over two and a half hours. Let’s just hope that next time the band writes a better album to play off; if not they better just play a ‘best of’ set.

Rating: 4/5.

SETLIST (Best performances in bold)

That’s What the Water Made Me

You Give Love a Bad Name

Raise Your Hands

Lost Highway

Whole Lot of Leavin’

It’s My Life

Because We Can

What About Now

We Got It Goin’ On

Keep the Faith


Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night

Diamond Ring

(You Want to) Make a Memory

Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars

Born to Be My Baby

We Weren’t Born to Follow

Who Says You Can’t Go Home

I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead (w/ Start Me Up, Wipe Out, You Shook Me All Night Long snippets)

Bad Medicine (w/ Shout snippet)


Dry County

Wanted Dead or Alive

Have a Nice Day

I Love This Town

These Days

Livin’ on a Prayer

Tenacious D 2013 ‘Old School Acoustic Style’ tour live in Melbourne

ImageThe D is back!

Tossing aside the backing band for the “Old School Acoustic Style” tour, the set for the night consisted of Jack Black, Kyle Gass, their two acoustic guitars, a roadie, a sasquatch and a couple of other cameos. It was Tenacious D stripped down to the bone, which may have been a relief to some fans as this was a return to their roots back before they even had an album out. The intimacy of this approach was reflected with the show taking place in a theatre. No standing, no moshing, no headbanging, but I was fortunate to purchase tickets in the second row!

The only way to truly start this tour off is the title track of the new album Rize of the Fenix, to once again remind us that The D is back with a vengeance. It bummed me out a little (but not too much) that they played the shortened radio version. I was pleased that they played quite a few songs off the new record, because as some of you may know I think it’s awesome!

The comedy rock duo’s playing sounds as accomplished as ever; Jack Black’s vocals are still intact and Kyle’s soloing on his acoustic guitar is fast and fluid. Every acoustic arrangement was flawless, but of course the acoustic style meant that some of the songs on The Pick of Destiny soundtrack, such as “The Metal”, will never the light of the day on this tour.

Fans of The D don’t just come for the music, but also for the comedy. I’m not going to talk about it too much because you’d be better off seeing it yourself, but if it wasn’t the on-stage antics it was the little things like Kyle playing a recorder or Jack insulting members of the crowd.

Highlights include “Cosmic Shame”, where Black contends that some people have to give up their dreams and do the boring jobs too; “Roadie”, my favourite song of 2012; “Tribute”, which speaks for itself; “Kickapoo”, because it’s a fantastic story; and the wonderful “Wonderboy”.

A personal highlight for me was after the band finished their final song, “Fuck Her Gently”, and during the standing ovation, Jack Black extended his index finger out to the front row, so I reached as far as I could with my finger and sure enough, the two fingers connected. This amazing moment in my life and I’ll only become a better person from here on.

Thanks Tenacious D, and I only hope I don’t have to wait another five or six years for another tour.

Rating: 4/5.

Setlist below, highlights in bold.

Rize of the Fenix

Low Hangin’ Fruit


Dude (I Totally Miss You)

Kyle Quit the Band







Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)/Rock is Dead

The Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage

To Be The Best

Cosmic Shame


Double Team



Flash (Queen cover)


Fuck Her Gently