‘The Good Dinosaur’ film review

The Good Dinosaur is pretty great. It’s a Pixar movie, yes, but don’t expect the caliber of Up, Wall-E or Toy Story.


It’s basically a coming of age story where Arlo, the smallest dinosaur in his family (and the most useless, as the film tries to portray him), has to encounter dangerous situations and grow the hell up. After he gets separated from his family, he must learn to survive on his own, and get back home before the winter hits, and to prove his worth and make a “mark” on the family honour. He has to deal with the rain, finding food and other dinosaurs that want to eat his new friend, a friend that is helping him to grow up.


Let’s be clear though, the story is quite predictable. It doesn’t add anything new to the adolescent coming-of-age story. Of course Arlo is going to become close with that kid he initially hates, and the spoiler early on you could probably guess was coming just by watching the trailer.


But who cares? It’s a terrific movie. It’s heartwarming, it’s funny, well-written and it looks amazing. The voice cast is great and Arlo himself is voiced by a child, and I found his portrayal quite authentic.


The kids are going to love it, and the older crowd will dig it too, just like every Pixar movie.


Rating: 4/5.



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