“The Hangover Part III” review


Phil, Stu and Alan – the Wolfpack – are back in a second sequel to end the trilogy. Thankfully, it was decided that they wouldn’t copy the formula of the first movie again. What we are left with is another adventure with the three characters we love so much.

Instead of waking up from a hangover and having to figure stuff out, the effects of the hangovers from the first two movies is what drives the plot. Chow had stolen gold from Marshall, the unseen boss of the gang from the first movie. Marshall knows that Alan had been communicating with Chow since he was imprisoned in Bangkok at the end of the second movie. Now that he has escaped, Marshall believes only the Wolfpack can find him and the gold. He takes Doug as a ransom, giving them three days to get Chow.

Chow is still hilarious, and it’s great to see him back again. I was happy to not see the same structure this time, but what replaced it definitely wasn’t funnier than the first movie. The first movie was so good because of the element of surprise as well as the hilarious situations the characters got themselves in. The comedy was situational, helped by some hilarious lines by the characters. This instalment is darker and has more action which gets in the way of the hilarity.

Alan is the most memorable character of this series, but I felt his lines were a little bit tired in this instalment. The opening scene with the giraffe wasn’t that funny; it’s not like I said “Classic Alan”. I think it tries a little too hard to be funny after that.

It was at least more surprising than the second movie, with a twist that I should’ve seen coming. Chow believing he can fly as seen in the trailer was pretty damn funny. Also, make sure you stay for the post-credits scene because it’s a gift to the fans. I was a little disappointed overall, but I give the writers credit for changing up the formula. It’s worth seeing, but the first is still the best!

I give The Hangover Part III 3/5.


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