Tenacious D 2013 ‘Old School Acoustic Style’ tour live in Melbourne

ImageThe D is back!

Tossing aside the backing band for the “Old School Acoustic Style” tour, the set for the night consisted of Jack Black, Kyle Gass, their two acoustic guitars, a roadie, a sasquatch and a couple of other cameos. It was Tenacious D stripped down to the bone, which may have been a relief to some fans as this was a return to their roots back before they even had an album out. The intimacy of this approach was reflected with the show taking place in a theatre. No standing, no moshing, no headbanging, but I was fortunate to purchase tickets in the second row!

The only way to truly start this tour off is the title track of the new album Rize of the Fenix, to once again remind us that The D is back with a vengeance. It bummed me out a little (but not too much) that they played the shortened radio version. I was pleased that they played quite a few songs off the new record, because as some of you may know I think it’s awesome!

The comedy rock duo’s playing sounds as accomplished as ever; Jack Black’s vocals are still intact and Kyle’s soloing on his acoustic guitar is fast and fluid. Every acoustic arrangement was flawless, but of course the acoustic style meant that some of the songs on The Pick of Destiny soundtrack, such as “The Metal”, will never the light of the day on this tour.

Fans of The D don’t just come for the music, but also for the comedy. I’m not going to talk about it too much because you’d be better off seeing it yourself, but if it wasn’t the on-stage antics it was the little things like Kyle playing a recorder or Jack insulting members of the crowd.

Highlights include “Cosmic Shame”, where Black contends that some people have to give up their dreams and do the boring jobs too; “Roadie”, my favourite song of 2012; “Tribute”, which speaks for itself; “Kickapoo”, because it’s a fantastic story; and the wonderful “Wonderboy”.

A personal highlight for me was after the band finished their final song, “Fuck Her Gently”, and during the standing ovation, Jack Black extended his index finger out to the front row, so I reached as far as I could with my finger and sure enough, the two fingers connected. This amazing moment in my life and I’ll only become a better person from here on.

Thanks Tenacious D, and I only hope I don’t have to wait another five or six years for another tour.

Rating: 4/5.

Setlist below, highlights in bold.

Rize of the Fenix

Low Hangin’ Fruit


Dude (I Totally Miss You)

Kyle Quit the Band







Rock and Roll (Led Zeppelin cover)/Rock is Dead

The Ballad Of Hollywood Jack And The Rage Kage

To Be The Best

Cosmic Shame


Double Team



Flash (Queen cover)


Fuck Her Gently



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