Soundwave Festival 2013 in Melbourne review


It was clearly going to be the greatest Soundwave ever. Surely the 2013 lineup will not be outdone by the festival in the next few years. The first two headliners on the lineup were two of my favourite bands ever. As for the rest, seriously just have a look at that lineup. Blink-182, Paramore, Slayer, Anthrax and more! Who the hell is A Perfect Circle? Iron Maiden a couple of years back was pretty big, and Van Halen would have been big at Soundwave Revolution if the bloody thing had actually gone ahead. Metallica is one of the biggest bands ever and the only other bands that could top them are bigger than any festival.

I started my day at Anthrax. They played about six or seven songs, and about half of those were covers. I would’ve preferred more Anthrax. Ending with the AC/DC cover was a nice gesture.

Next up was Stone Sour, who I had already seen a couple of days prior at Linkin Park. Corey Taylor clearly loves to perform.

I had looked forward to seeing Dragonforce for a while. I wish I got closer to them so I could see Herman Li’s crazy solos better, and they were crazy. New singer Marc Hudson has a great voice and is full of energy. They ended with ‘Through the Fire and Flames’, a song most of us played in Guitar Hero III.

After a quick break, Slayer was next; the pit was too full, so we had to watch the first few songs on the screen.  And while waiting to get into the pit, the people were starting to form a revolution against the security to get in because, well…IT WAS SLAYER!  And so they the security had to give in and let us in half way through their set.  And was it worth it? Hell yeah, because we didn’t miss ‘Angel of Death’ or ‘Raining Blood’.

After Slayer, we had to wait for A Perfect Circle to finish, so we could see the great Blink 182. And once they got on stage, it come apparent of why this band is so well liked. Not only did they perform well (even without Travis Barker), the banter that goes on between Tom DeLonge and Mark Hoppus is grossly crude but kept the audience’s attention like a dog on a comfortable leash.

Then Linkin Park came on Stage B, and in Stage A the Metallica fans started to flood, yelling ‘HURRY THE F@&K UP!’. And with Metallica being a bit late, the crowd became overly restless, even singing ‘It’s A Long Way to the Top’ when it was played on the overhead speakers. But when ‘Ecstasy of Gold’ came on, the crowd were at their feet. And then when Metallica came on with ‘Hit the Lights’, chaos is the word that comes to mind. And it was like this for the rest of the set.

Metallica’s Soundwave sets were tailored for the hardcore fans. The only song from post-1991 was ‘All Nightmare Long’ my favourite track from their latest album Death Magnetic. All the shows had a surprise or two. Melbourne heard the first performance of ‘My Friend of Misery’ that wasn’t a part of the Black Album anniversary shows, and it was amazing. The band was in fine form, and James Hetfield especially knows how to please a crowd. I can’t think of anything bad to say about Metallica’s set. The sound was great, the pyro was awesome and the songs were killer, everything a Metallica fan needs from their shows. If you haven’t seen Metallica in concert before, you’ll be stunned when you finally do.

There were so many bands to see, that I had to make the sad choice of missing Garbage, Paramore, Fozzy and The Offspring in favour of the headliners, but clashes are inevitable with so many great international acts. I’ve been to the past couple of Soundwaves, and this was easily the best yet, in fact I don’t think the festival’s promoter, AJ Maddah, will be able to top this lineup ever!

Thanks AJ, for the best Soundwave ever!

Rating for Metallica’s set: 4.5/5

1.            Hit the Lights

2.            Master of Puppets

3.            The Four Horsemen

4.            Harvester of Sorrow

5.            Welcome Home (Sanitarium)

6.            Leper Messiah

7.            My Friend of Misery

8.            Sad But True

9.            Fade to Black

10.          All Nightmare Long

11.          One

12.          For Whom the Bell Tolls

13.          Blackened

14.          Nothing Else Matters

15.          Enter Sandman


16.          Creeping Death

17.          Damage, Inc.

18.          Seek & Destroy

Thanks to my friend Rhys at Pigeon Stories who helped me write this. Check out his blog at


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