Media in Australia: Magazines

The readings this week discussed magazines and they continue to be a media powerhouse. Frances Bonner (2010) believes that despite the fact that circulation figures dropped, new magazines have emerged and readership is still going strong (Bonner, 2010, pp. 173). Bonner stated that Australians are the second highest (after New Zealand) per capita consumers of magazines in the world (pp. 174). Bonner says that magazines are still relevant in today’s media industries and in people’s lives. This relevancy is why it’s still important for magazines to know their audience in order to incorporate the right advertising and keep readership high. Janine Mikosza (2003) discusses the men’s lifestyles magazines Ralph and FHM (For Him Magazine), and both of them “target a specific readership of young, heterosexual men.” The editors of both magazines know they target young adult males and know that the content and adverts have to appeal to what their audience wants.

According to Magazine Publisher of Australia, for the last 12 months, consumers in Australia spent $900 million on printed magazines and 5.5 magazines were sold every second (Magazine readers continue to spend up on big titles, billions of pages read each day, 2012). Matthew Stanton, the CEO of ACP Magazines, stated that print is still the way Australians prefer to consume magazines. This indicates that unlike newspapers, magazines are still a very viable medium.


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Magazine Publisher of Australia (2012), Magazine readers continue to spend up on big titles, billions of pages read each day, (accessed 28 August 2012).


This is the third of ten blogs I wrote for my university subject, Media in Australia, in 2012. The next  seven will be uploaded over the course of a few weeks, the links to which can be found here:


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