Media in Australia: Television

This week’s reading focused on television and its history. While remaining the most used media form in this country, Flew and Harrington (2010, pp. 157) wrote in The Media & Communications in Australia that the 14-25 age group’s use of the internet may change the TV set’s popularity in the household (Flew, T and Harrington,Continue reading “Media in Australia: Television”

Media in Australia: Radio

This week’s readings talked about the development of radio. Griffen-Foley (2010) discussed in The Media & Communications in Australia the challenges that were facing radio (Griffen-Foley, B, 2010, pp. 82-112). There were legislative changes in 1986 and 1987 that had created restrictions on owning different media types (newspaper, radio and television), which allowed radio toContinue reading “Media in Australia: Radio”

Kiss and Motley Crue 2013 concert review

A night of rock and roll is a great night out in my book. That’s exactly what Motley Crue and Kiss brought to the table at their show, along with guests Thin Lizzy and Diva Demolition. There were a few things that annoyed me. There were three different barricaded standing areas. It was one ofContinue reading “Kiss and Motley Crue 2013 concert review”

Soundwave Festival 2013 in Melbourne review

It was clearly going to be the greatest Soundwave ever. Surely the 2013 lineup will not be outdone by the festival in the next few years. The first two headliners on the lineup were two of my favourite bands ever. As for the rest, seriously just have a look at that lineup. Blink-182, Paramore, Slayer,Continue reading “Soundwave Festival 2013 in Melbourne review”

Media in Australia: Magazines

The readings this week discussed magazines and they continue to be a media powerhouse. Frances Bonner (2010) believes that despite the fact that circulation figures dropped, new magazines have emerged and readership is still going strong (Bonner, 2010, pp. 173). Bonner stated that Australians are the second highest (after New Zealand) per capita consumers ofContinue reading “Media in Australia: Magazines”

Linkin Park 2013 concert review

Two years ago I was standing in almost the same spot at the same venue watching the same band. It felt like yesterday that I had seen my favourite band for the first time, and thankfully this time they put on an even better show! Oh before I go on, Stone Sour who opened forContinue reading “Linkin Park 2013 concert review”

Media in Australia: The Press

This week’s readings discussed the press and how in recent years it has been declining at a steady rate. It also talked about the Finkelstein Inquiry and how that might impact Australian media. The death of the newspaper may not necessarily mean death to the media companies that print the press. In The Media &Continue reading “Media in Australia: The Press”