Media in Australia: Advertising and Pubic Relations

The most interesting idea is that these two concepts can be merged into one. By this, I mean that advertising can become news and news can become advertising. In Turner, Bonner and Marshall’s Fame Games: The Production of Celebrity in Australia, they argue that public relations establishments have brought public relation media releases together with news media releases, which have “effectively turned advertising into news”. Spin doctors have become the link between these two concepts as noted by Sinclair and Turner in their book The Media and Communications in Australia. Sinclair and Turner believe that the practise of public relations is associated with the spin doctors manipulating and falsely misleading the media. Sinclair and Turner note that the skills that spin doctors utilise are traits that would be employed to “promote a new television program, a political party or a new brand of underwear”, which once again shows the relationship between public relations and advertising.

It could be argued that Julia Gillard’s recent appearance on the ABC’s Q & A program was a public relations stunt that also advertises the Prime Minister and the Labor Party, as this appearance was reported as news. For example, Paul Colgan of The Punch gave a positive review of Gillard’s appearance on the show, saying she “looked prime ministerial” and “(got) her groove back”. Even politicians can have a taste of free advertising and promotion through public relations.


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This is the first of ten blogs I wrote for my university subject, Media in Australia, in 2012. The next nine will be uploaded over the course of a few weeks, the links to which can be found here:


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