“Skyfall” review


Brace yourselves Bond fans, for I sure have a bombshell to unleash on you. I have never watched a James Bond movie in full with my complete undivided attention. In the gaming world, I would imagine to be like someone who has never played a Mario game. Actually, that’s not a very good example, but it’s all I got so I’ll stick with it. Despite not seeing a Bond film, it’s not hard for me to be incredibly familiar with the franchise, as its impact on popular culture is hard to miss. Skyfall has received strong critical reviews, so it seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to finally get on board for this film series, as it is celebrating its 50th year!

Secret agent 007 tries to recover a stolen hard drive, with the plot eventually shifting to Bond investigating an attack on MIS. That’s pretty much all I’m going to say about the story, as there’s a lot to spoil. There was one thing early on in the movie that annoyed me quite a bit. James Bond fans know that these movies aren’t meant to be 100% realistic, as there’s no way any human being could possibly pull off these stunts in real life. However, what happened at the end of the cold opening was not given a proper explanation and seemed too unbelievable for me to accept. Those who have seen the movie will know what I mean, and this bothered me for the entirety of the film, but wasn’t enough to completely ruin the otherwise great experience on screen. However, it was a much unexpected outcome that was extremely bold of the writers to incorporate and that I can appreciate.

Speaking of the cold open, Adele’s theme song plays during the lengthy title sequence. I hadn’t heard the song before, so I’m not sure if the entire track was played. Regardless, I found that the song worked really well. Adele is an artist I originally never envisioned as fit for a Bond theme song, but what do I know (that’s exactly right I just heard you say in your head, not much)?

The characters were a great bunch. I haven’t seen the other Bond films as I mentioned earlier, so I can’t compare Daniel Craig’s Bond to the other ones, but regardless I felt he was right at home in this role. I also was quite fascinated by M and her story arc throughout the film. You truly get the feeling that she’s not quitting until the job is completely done. I found the villain, while rather menacing, also quite odd. In saying that, you truly get to understand his motives behind his plan.

The film’s action is typical Bond (I would imagine). Fighting on trains, riding motorbikes everywhere you shouldn’t, even a cold underwater struggle is present. “Skyfall” refers to a residence, where a lot of breathtaking action takes place. You know what you want and you know what to expect when you see a Bond movie, and this instalment is no exception.

From the looks of things, I guess I was right. Skyfall is a great way to enter this series and the filmmakers should be proud that they made a fantastic film to celebrate 50 years of James Bond movies. The main cast is great, the story filled with twists and turns, and the action so thrilling. Even with that nitpick I had early on the film, I couldn’t resist the action, the characters, the plot, the soundtrack and the James Bond experience as a whole. Only those who don’t like James Bond films should steer away, everyone else reading this should go ahead and see it.

Rating: 4/5


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