Ridley Scott’s new science fiction film, Prometheus, is not necessarily a prequel to the 1979 film Alien, which was also directed by Ridley Scott. While it did start out as such, Prometheus became a new intellectual property, but apparently takes place in the same universe as Alien. The main connection between Prometheus and Alien you will spot during the movie quite easily. This has me concerned that an Alien Vs. Predator Vs. Prometheus film might be on its way. Though I guess that wouldn’t work because Prometheus is the name of the spaceship. With Alien and Aliens both being amazing and genre-defining films, Prometheus had a lot of expectations, but I’m going to attempt to put those aside.

Prometheus is set late in the 21st century. The crew aboard the ship follow a star map that was discovered on Earth that’s linked to some ancient human cultures. This leads them to a distant and advanced civilisation. The crew believes they will discover the origins of the human race, but as the whole audience watching this film would assume – they stumble onto something dangerous.

The first half hour of the movie is really boring. Nothing interesting happens. The characters are dull during this part as well and I was struggling to figure out where they stand in the story. The exception to this is the guy with red hair and with flags designs – or whatever they are – tattooed to the side of his face. He’s the guy that questions everything, but the actor who played him tried too hard because he’s really irritating. Just before something major does happen in the movie, suddenly we are treated to character based scenes, which was good, but was very sudden at the same time. I wish I could say it was building up to something better, but I really can’t. It’s just that it seems like during the writing of this movie, they were like “Hey, nothing has happened yet and the characters don’t have personalities yet! Better fix that!”

Past this point, yes, the film does pick up. The special effects are pretty good. It’s a shame that the plot and the characters aren’t strong enough to make this film stand out. The android character, David, was well acted. You do believe that he’s an android. The lead character, Elizabeth Shaw, played by the funnily named Swedish actor Noomi Rapace, performed well, but I’m not convinced by her questionable actions during the film. In fact a lot of the time, I wondered about the actions of the other characters. As for the plot, I didn’t really find it that interesting or clever. There were a few nice action scenes though.

Prometheus isn’t a good movie. It’s not a bad movie either. It’s just smells of mediocrity throughout. I can definitely tell that Ridley Scott directed it, because it reminds of the Alien movies in a lot ways, aside from the fact that Alien and Aliens were really good. While I never was much of a sci-fi fan I think that the lack of a good plot and characters are why this movie fails to impress. I recommend using your money to see something else this blockbuster season.

I give Prometheus 2.5/5.



  1. If you read into the meanings and motifs, it’s really interesting! You appriciate it the more you read into it and can see more links to the Alien films. Regardless, good review Stefan 🙂 !!

    1. That is true, a lot of the time I was thinking about the connections to the Alien movies, the most obvious one (SPOILERS) was at the end. I reckon Scott would be able to make a really good sequel. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  2. I thought this movie worse than what you rated 1.5/5. Being a sci-fi fan I found the story and character development hollow, as in completely missing. Many things were hinted at but nothing is explained. To a large extent at the end of a scene you will be almost utterly lost.

    To name just a few points, (***spoilers***) the very first scene, wtf is that about. Then there’s a lady stated as a daughter, was she an android as well or not? She was even asked by a crew member if she was human. Many questions like this and others were never asked. If this is a foundation for a series, I can already see the scaffolding crumbling as other films are added if the same techniques are used in the next film.

    A word of advice, if you’re into horror and are just in it for the thrills and scares this is a movie for you, but beware the major part of this film, it is booorrrrriiinnnggg. However if not steer clear of this and as Stefan said “I recommend using your money to see something else this blockbuster season.” Anything else for that matter, as this movie is far from worth it.

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